Super Seeded


“Maybe it sounds cliched, but the way (Fred Lonberg-Holm) manipulates pulsating long tones, descending fillips, and brusque asides reminds me of the way Jimi Hendrix sculpted tuneful wonders from raw feedback.” —Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

This week’s track perfectly illustrates the Hendrix comparison and serves as a teaser for the group’s upcoming show at The Whistler on Monday, January 30th.

  • Fred Lonberg-Holm: cello, electronics, tenor guitar
  • Nick Macri: bass
  • Charles Rumback: drums
  • Russ Johnson: trumpet

Composition by Fred Lonberg-Holm (BMI)

Recorded live at The Whistler by Alex Inglizian
Mixed by Erik Hall
Mastered by Anthony Gravino
Artwork by Lisa Tomiko Macri