Nick Dellacroce & Omar Gonzalez

Set Two

Nick Dellacroce & Omar Gonzalez

Bongripper guitarist Nick Dellacroce and Omar Gonzalez of Rectal Hygienics team up on some dark drones and ambient textures.

One of the coolest things about our Stars Align series is you never know what’s going to happen when artists get together for a one-off collaboration; and this session is no different. Nick and Omar make some pretty heavy music with their respective bands, but this collaboration veers light-years away from the metal and punk they’re known for, and lands firmly in the ambient/drone world.

All this sound came from a mishmash of machinery. Nick uses drum loops and synthesizers, while Omar runs a bunch of tape loops and processes them on the fly. One of the cassettes he used on “Set Two” is actually a recording of a mother’s heartbeat. “You have to be an open-minded listener to get whatever the hell we’re doing,” Omar said.“It’s all about mood and texture.”

This session is definitely best listened to on headphones. Plug in and let it wash over you.

Nick Dellacroce: drum loops and synthesizers
Omar Gonzalez: tape loops and FX

Recorded live at The Whistler and mixed by Dave Zuchowski
Mastered by Anthony Gravino

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