Matt Ulery’s Loom

The Queen

Matt Ulery’s Loom

Loom’s music, while coming from the American and European jazz traditions, is also influenced by folk music from the Americas and Eastern Europe, as well as indie rock. Featuring highly-syncopated rhythms, modern jazz harmony, and improvisation, Matt Ulery’s music has been described as “cinematic and fanciful”, and according to Peter Margasak of the Chicago Reader, “like a seedling unfurling from the soil… each player – and each style and tradition the band draws on – is like a thread in a sumptuous fabric.”

The Queen was released on 10″ vinyl and features the lead single from the album Flora. Fauna. Fervor., plus bonus remixes by The Hood Internet and Demons.

Matt Ulery: double bass
Rob Clearfield: Wurlitzer electric piano
Thad Franklin: trumpet
Tim Heideman: tenor saxophone
Zach Brock: violin
Katie Wiegman: vibraphone
Jon Deitemyer: drumsComposed and produced by Matt Ulery

Recorded and mixed by Anthony Gravino
Mastered by Carl Saff
Artwork by Robert Brenner