Matt Gold

Augusta Fairgrounds

Matt Gold

This live recording of “Augusta Fairgrounds” is from Matt Gold’s residency at The Whistler in February 2017. Gold’s recent compositions entangle American folkloric sounds with electronic and ambient textures, and this recording finds his guitar-bass-drums trio augmented with keys.

Matt Gold is a guitarist and composer based in Chicago, IL. His work pulls from diverse traditions of electric and acoustic music. Matt has given his guitar a good strum or two in venues around the world and has performed on television and radio too. His main project is the guitar + drums duo SUN SPEAK. He also performs and records with great artists including Makaya McCraven, Sara Serpa, Greg Ward, Vincent Davis, and Jamila Woods.

Matt Gold: guitar
Dan Pierson: synthesizer
Charlie Kirchen: bass
Michael Caskey: drums

Photograph by Matt Gold
Recorded at The Whistler, February 28, 2017
Recorded by Dan Pierson
Mastered by Anthony Gravino