Instinctual Seasoning


Here’s another jam from the Fresh Roasted: Live Beat-Making & Battle series. This one, like INTLMC’s track which was presented here last month, samples a vocal melody from the Smithsonian Folkways’ Music of Indonesia (1950).

A note from Latterhalves:

“Huge thanks to Hippo, Konstantin, and The Whistler for putting on this night and putting me up there on stage. I felt like a little worm on a big hook up there next to Jugoe and INTLMC, but the encouragement from absolutely everybody involved in this event and beat community put me at ease right away. I got the most mileage off Hippo’s sample from the Virgo record with the keyboard licks carrying the melody nicely. Konstantin’s Mambo sample provided some sick little triplet and quarter note conga rips as well as some kick-ambiance, and the vocal and percussion from the “Ile-Ile” sample rounded everything out beautifully. I was quite pleased with what I was able to pop out with a mere five samples. Most important to it all though was the time limit! It kept my decision making on point and I found myself figuring out how to play through any funkiness rather than needle the individual sonics into ‘perfection’.”

A note from King Hippo on the samples he presented to Latterhalves and the other Fresh Roasted beat-makers:

Signs of the Zodiac “Virgo” — “It’s considered ‘Therapy’ and ‘Spoken Word’… it’s just a record from the late 60s telling a Virgo about themselves and the various stages they’ll go through during their life AND it has some killer moments of open, funky, drums. A couple other signs the Signs of the Zodiac series have killer biz on them like that as well. They’re easy to find and always less than a buck.”

Suzanne Ciani “Fish Music” — “I considered this a Virgo record because she was commissioned to make music for the yet-to-be-opened Woodfield Mall, which is right where I grew up. It opened up on September 9th. The mall is a Virgo. They used to have a huge aquarium in the middle of the mall, in a cave looking structure. As an adult, I think that’s pretty weird. As a kid, it was weird too, but kind of cool. The music she made played down in the caves. It’s so crazy that they put it on a 7 inch last year, had to get it.”

Samples presented by King Hippo & Konstantine Jace
Mastered by Anthony Gravino