James Davis Quintet

Disappearing Roads

James Davis Quintet

The selections presented here are some of the highlights from the James Davis Quintet’s residency at The Whistler in January of 2017.

  • James Davis — trumpet
  • Dave Miller — guitar
  • Rob Clearfield— piano
  • Matt Ulery — double bass
  • Quin Kirchner — drums

This quintet’s members are frequent collaborators, and here they present a set of Davis’ compositions. In fact, this group of musicians have collaborated in kaleidoscopic ways. For instance: Davis, Miller and Kirchner had a long history with their band Zing!. Clearfield is a mainstay in Ulery’s various projects, including Loom and Ulery’s large-ensemble projects, some of which Davis and Miller have recorded and/or performed with. Clearfield leads a trio that features Kirchner as a member, and minus Davis the remaining quartet appears as Funky Miracle.

The compositions here are inspired by life’s transitions, the entering and exiting of life’s different chapters, and fulfillment arising from unexpected sources.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Dave Zuchowski
Artwork by Bekah Miller