Fresh Roasted Beat Battle Jawn


“First and foremost, a sincere thank you to DJ Hippo, DJ Konstantin and the great staff and audience at The Whistler,” writes INTLMC. “That was my first experience being invited to a battle where I had to create on the spot. I’ve witnessed my brother Slot-A battle, but it’s different when you’re on stage as opposed to being in the crowd. I didn’t expect the samples that were presented, they caught me COMPLETELY off guard, but I couldn’t allow that to be an excuse. I did what I could, and little did I know, the perfect execution was made. Enjoy this gem as much as I enjoy creating more for the world.”

This track was created live at The Whistler’s “Fresh Roasted: Live Beat-Making & Battle” series, hosted monthly by Alejandro Ayala. At Fresh Roasted, two record collectors present samples to beat-makers, who then make a beat on the spot and the audience crowns the champ. INTLMC won the September 2017 title with this beat.

It samples a Smithsonian Folkways song called “Ile-Ile”. It’s a Batak (non-Muslim Indonesian from Sumatra) melody featuring the gambang and wooden xylophone, and it’s said to “accompany the dance of a warrior” — fitting it was used in a beat battle about a hundred years later.

Samples presented by King Hippo (WLPN) & Konstantine Jace
Mastered by Anthony Gravino