Greg Ward Quintet

The 4th Reverie (Featuring Marvin Tate)

Greg Ward Quintet

Greg Ward’s fantastic new album, Stomping Off From Greenwood, is set to release on Greenleaf next month, so let’s revisit some music from his group’s Whistler residency, where they developed many of the songs on his forthcoming album. “The 4th Reverie” is a non-album cut that highlights the talents and words of Marvin Tate.

“I am a fan of composing shorter pieces that leave a lot of room for exploration,” explains Greg Ward. “During the time of this recording, I was beginning to work a bit with the great Marvin Tate, an incredible poet, singer, and artist. Marvin can be heard on this track performing excerpts of his work including: Density and Destiny, Pain, My Life to the Present, and Insomnia in NYC.”

Greg Ward: alto sax, compositions
Dave Miller: guitar, effects
Matt Gold: guitar, effects
Matt Ulery: electric bass, acoustic bass
Quin Kirchner: drums
Marvin Tate: words

Recorded live at The Whistler by Todd Carter
Mixed by Erik Hall
Mastered by Anthony Gravino

Greg Ward is a saxophonist and composer that was born in Peoria, IL. Currently based in Chicago, Ward has had the opportunity to perform and record with a varied group of artists like Prefuse 73, Lupe Fiasco, Tortoise, William Parker, Andrew D’Angelo, and Mike Reed.