My World


“Fresh Roasted has become one of my favorite nights at the Whistler. Every month two DJ’s present 2 samples each to the audience, which are recorded and delivered to the producers on stage. The producers then have 90 minutes to create a beat on the spot using the samples, and the audience decides on the best creation.

I picked the first sample that grabbed me and made a one bar loop out of the drum intro from ‘Soul Constitution’ by Familyman Barrett. The groove is super funky and I spent some time getting the loop just right until it felt good to me. I then picked another sample for something melodic and made another one bar loop to layer on top (sample unknown). To give some movement to the melody, I made a four chord progression by moving the pitch around on my sampler. Finally, I layered in my own kick drum, snare and hihats to fill out the sound and give the groove some atmosphere.

Big thanks to King Hippo for inviting me to join the producers on stage for this edition. And to Esteban for presenting the samples with King Hippo. Having the 90 minute time limit and being up on stage gave the creation process a whole new feel and immediacy. INTLMC, Liv.e, and SiLoWette all created amazing productions, and there was great energy in the room.”  —Gilder

Produced, mixed and mastered by Gilder​