DJ Shoba


DJ Shoba

Here’s another entry from our “Fresh Roasted: Live Beat-Making & Battle” series. Each month at Fresh Roasted, two record collectors present samples to beat-makers, who then make a beat on the spot and the audience crowns the champ.

DJ Shoba spends a lot of time digging for records, so, naturally, he has no problem sourcing samples for the instrumentals he makes; but making beats live and on stage, with no idea what the samples will be? That’s a different story — and “Braised/Blazed” is the result. “Making beats on the fly is new to me, but I do enjoy a challenge,” says DJ Shoba.

Samples for “Braised/Blazed” were presented by King Hippo (WLPN) & Jocelyn Brown (music supervisor/producer, Leo Burnett)
Mastered by Anthony Gravino

If you’d like to hear more from DJ Shoba, follow him on Twitter or visit him at Bandcamp.