Blue Ribbon Glee Club

A Cappella Über Alles

Blue Ribbon Glee Club

The Blue Ribbon Glee Club performs punk rock classics, a cappella-style. Featuring 30+ members and a chorus of voices signing guitar riffs and bass lines, with no instrumentation save for a drum to keep time, they present punk classics in way you’ve never heard before. The overall effect is like that of having a group of carolers show up at your doorstep singing songs you actually enjoy.

Blue Ribbon Glee Club singers: Whitney Johnson, Josh Dumas, Dee Clements, Billy Helmkamp, Robert Brenner, Mark Collins, TJ Tambellini, Cassie Soofi, Jenny Shulkin, Missy Ruminski, Kelly Reynolds, Vanessa Reilly-Bates, Paul Nixon, Morgan Lord, Barb Long, Paul Krauss, Rob Kowalczyk, Paul Kim, Katy Groves, Cortney Groves, Shawn Gnann, Heather Gnann, Vanessa Gill, Monique Duran, Devin Davis, Mark Colwell, Dee Clements, Sophie Charles, Bud Cadell, Kirk Bravender, Eli Boyne

A Cappella Über Alles was released by Whistler Records in 2009 on 7″ vinyl.

Side A:
“California Über Alles” (Dead Kennedys cover)
“Words and Guitar” (Sleater-Kinney cover)

Side B:
“Bad Kids” (Black Lips cover)
“Waiting Room” (Fugazi cover)

Tracks 1, 2 & 4 recorded by Zach Goheen at Epiphany Church
Track 3 recorded by Mike Ward at Empty Bottle
Mixed by Zach Goheen
Mastered by Carl Saff
Artwork by TJ Tambellini & Stas Nagy
Special thanks to Ian MacKaye and the Black Lips for being so nice to us.