Seahorses Are Fish

Seahorses Are Fish

May 2013

Artist: Kendall Bruns

cardboard, paper, tape

12′ W x 6′ H x 2.5′ D

Artist’s statement:

“Seahorses are fish… the weirdest fish that I can think of. This is saying a lot because all fish are kinda weird but none are as iconically strange as the only species where the males become pregnant (they have a brood pouch—very weird). Google ‘seahorse giving birth’ and you’ll see what I mean. Seahorses eat almost constantly because they do not have stomachs. Sometimes when they are courting they will entwine their tails and dance. They’re not really monogamous but some people think that they are and that’s half the battle.

Seahorses are fish that suck at swimming. They just wanna eat and dance and sometimes blend in with their chameleon powers. They’re so different (and the same) as humans that I wanted to see them at more of a human scale and be forced to consider them in a different way.”

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