Construction Sculptures

Construction Sculptures

October 2011

Artist: Kip Pasta

Kip Pasta likes to work with paint and wood. Though he has had creative ideas using other media, wood quickly became the artist’s most useful expression. Pasta has named my pieces “Construction Sculptures” to separate them from what most think of when referring to sculptures. Because of their architectural feel, Pasta introduced the term “construction” to give them some identification.

Construction SculpturesConstruction SculpturesConstruction Sculptures
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Enhancing a space, and eliciting some response from the viewer is always on Pasta’s radar. The pieces have an almost kinetic value that can change (for the better) the whole environment that they are in.

Pasta is self taught, and finds himself continuously learning more. The more work that he does, the more confident he becomes, and he feels that it is this confidence that leads to more risk taking and thus better creative end results. “It’s very rewarding when you are sure handed with your tools,” Pasta says. “You know exactly what you want to accomplish.”

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