Coming Soon: JACKIELAND!

Coming Soon: JACKIELAND!

December 2019

Artist: Jackie Frole

JACKIELAND is a vibrant new development that will connect Chicagoans to over 6.94 million acres of unused skyspace. This is not just an egoist’s fever dream, it’s SO MUCH MORE! Enjoy upscale amenities like roller coaster commuting, bouncing with friends at Trampoline Square, and even Vince Vaughn’s house! — all easily accessible via golden ladder access points across Chicago.

For praise, congratulations and investments, please reach out to Jackie Frole at and follow our progress on Instagram @j.a.c.k.i.e.l.a.n.d

Coming Soon: JACKIELAND!Coming Soon: JACKIELAND!Coming Soon: JACKIELAND!
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All comments and concerns can be forwarded to Cyrus Leddy, Chesney Gregorie, Tim Voelker, Kelsey Bunner, and Kala Bradford.

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