March 14

Winter Blues Music Series (6-8pm)

6 pm

Winter Blues Music Series (6-8pm)

Magical Beasts is hosting an intimate music series on Tuesdays in March. Each week, a new special guest will perform and then Magical Beasts will play a short set. Have a drink, listen to beautiful music, feel awesome feelings, warm your heart and go home satisfied.

Tonight’s special guest is Woodrow Hart and the Haymaker. They’re local group who likes to kick around all the strange little corners of American music that have crept up throughout the last century. They¬† soak up old rusty sounds and wring them out in new places. Country songs and city songs. Banjo stomps and accordion shakes. Love croons and murder ballads. It just depends on the weather.

Also performing this month are Jessica Marks (3/21) and Nature Machine (3/28).

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