September 24

Whistler Cocktail Lab

5 pm

Whistler Cocktail Lab

Today we celebrate our 9 year anniversary, and to mark the occasion we’re launching a new, monthly cocktail series called Whistler Cocktail Lab. In addition to our regular cocktail menu, we’ll have a second, smaller menu available with experimental cocktails featuring odd ingredients and/or unexpected builds.

“We’ve always pushed the envelope creatively, and over the years we’ve had some real weird cocktails on our menu,” says co-owner Billy Helmkamp, “but the Whistler Cocktail Lab is an opportunity to go even further into left field and allows us to play with products and ingredients that might not otherwise work on our regular menu, be it a rare bottle of liqueur or an experimental syrup that one of us is working on.”

One can also think of Whistler Cocktail Lab like an open R&D session. Bar Manager Julieta Campos elaborates, “Our palates are forever evolving and new products are always rolling in, we want to make this accessible to our guests while at the same time push their palates.”

Whistler Cocktail Lab will take place on the last Sunday of each month. There will be limited quantities, due to the nature of this series, so we encourage you to arrive early. Doors open at 5pm.

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