December 15

TTTTotally Dudes

9:30 pm

TTTTotally Dudes

’90s dance party. 3rd Fridays.

For one night only, Dr. Drase of the infamous TTTTotally dudes will do the unthinkable: play ALL of your requests, ALL night long.

You heard that right, in addition to all the 90s and early 2000s hits you’ve grown to love, Dr. Drase will also play every single request in the order they’re received.

It’s insane.


Q: Does my request have to be from the 90s?
A: Nope! Just write it on the list.

Q: When are you going to play my song?
A: In the order of the list.

Q: Can you play despacito?
A: Whatever, just put it on the list.

Q: Can you play this song from my phone?
A: If I don’t already have it, sure.

Q: It’s my friends birthday.
A: That’s not a question, but tell them I said happy birthday.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: That’s a good question! Maybe it will be great, or maybe it will be awful. It all depends on YOU!

Q: I wasn’t here when you played my favorite song can you play it again?
A: Put it back on the list.

Q: Why didn’t you play the entire song?
A: Because I’m a DJ and I’m trying to make these songs flow together and hopefully keep people dancing.

Q: This song sucks, can you change it?
A: I sure can, but it’s not my fault someone requested a shitty song. Maybe you should request something better….or just wait.

Q: Are you going to do this every month?
A: Nope. The TTTTotally Dudes will return as normal next month as if none of this ever happened.

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