May 29

The Garvey Train, The Unknown New

9:30 pm

The Garvey Train, The Unknown New

The Garvey Train is comprised of ensemble members from Trap Door Theatre in Chicago.  The music is the vehicle to the prose.

  • M.S. Garveyvocals/objects
  • Antonio Brunetti-drums
  • David Holcombe-guitar
  • David Steiger-guitar/bass
  • Skye Fort-bass
  • Gary Damico-keys
  • Mike Steele-horns

The Unknown New is equal parts jazz chamber ensemble and instrumental folk group – featuring music by Chicago-based composer, Paul Mutzabaugh (electric bass). Contributing to this texturally lush sound are Rich Stitzel (percussion), Vance Okraszewski (drums), Chris Siebold (lap steel & electric guitar), Jim Tashjian (acoustic guitar), and Mike Pinto (uber-guitar).

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