January 19

Take Time

9 pm

Take Time

2020, the year of perfect vision. Yet for all the moments of clarity, it is worth taking the time to appreciate the little things. Join us for a night of friends, music, and dancing at the Whistler.

All-night DJ set by:

TAMAHORI (Humboldt Arboreal Society / Gramaphone Records)

. s o u l j a z z
. b o o g i e f u n k
. g l o b a l d i s c o
. d e e p h o u s e

A Japanese-New Zealander raised in Los Angeles on classical music and the beat scene, now a Chicago-educated DJ playing records with a global perspective. Co-founder of Humboldt Arboreal Society – a summertime biweekly musical gathering beneath the leaves of Humboldt Park. Freshman hooligan at Gramaphone Records. Recovering cellist. Cat person.

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