February 13

Take Time w/ Merrick Brown

9:30 pm

Take Time w/ Merrick Brown

. s o u l . j a z z

. b o o g i e . f u n k

. d i s c o . h o u s e

. b e a t s . e d i t s

. o d d i t i e s

MERRICK BROWN (Music For Life / Tektite / Chalant Music)

A Chicago resident, Mr. Brown is the man behind the Tektite and Chalant Music record labels, as well as rare and cult productions under his name or the Recept moniker. He is a true lover and connoisseur of most of the forms of modern underground dance music of the past 40 years and blends them fluidly with groove and panache.

HIRO TAMAHORI (Humboldt Arboreal Society / Gramaphone Records)

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