May 10

Stars Align: Mako Sica + Essential Arm

9 pm

Stars Align: Mako Sica + Essential Arm

Stars Align is a monthly concert series and podcast which brings together musicians for a one-off collaboration. You’ll hear everything from re-imagined, stripped-down versions each others songs to completely new and improvised pieces.

Mako Sica is celebrating the release of their new record, Invocation, tonight. “They make music in the vein of Amon Duul, Hex-era Earth and the out there reaches of the Impulse Records catalog with guitars, drums and an utterly primal vocalist that conjures moods with an exceptional grace, utilizing a group-mind aesthetic and an uncanny use of negative space that charms the listener in to be a part of the music.” —Permanent Records

Essential Arm is Mark Shippy, a Chicago-based guitarist known for his inventive approach.  He’s constantly evolving in each of the projects he’s been pivotal in their success over the years, including Shorty, US Maple, Miracle Condition, Invisible Things and countless other collaborations.  His unique approach to scales, time signature, textures and overall use of the instrument are undeniable.  Catch him in this rare solo set and collaborating with Chicago trio Mako Sica.

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