July 11

Slurpee Cocktail Day

6 pm

Slurpee Cocktail Day
SLURPEE LOVERS UNITE: As if 7-Eleven’s free Slurpee day could get any better… We are taking those free Slurpees and turning them into cocktails! On Wednesday, 7/11, bring your free Slurpee to The Whistler and have it converted into a cocktail for only $5!

Starting at 6pm and going until you can’t handle the boozy brain freeze anymore — or until the 7-Eleven (conveniently located a few doors down at 2401 N. Milwaukee Ave.) stops pumping out the frozen treats — bring in your favorite Slurpee flavor (preferably Coca-Cola, Wild Cherry, Blue Raspberry, or Lemonade) and our all-star bar staff will turn it into a cocktail.

Stick around for an incredible concert tonight with Trouble In Mind bands The Love-Birds and Ethers!

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