June 15

Slo ‘Mo: Slow jams for homos (and their fans) w/ special guest YACHT

9 pm

Slo ‘Mo: Slow jams for homos (and their fans) w/ special guest YACHT

“Come on over, we’re having a party for you!” Our monthly residency at the Whistler gets an extra punch for Pride when dance-pop duo YACHT breezes through for a special set of disco & more! Audio Jack, fresh off turning another year (HAPPY BDAY, JACK!) will be spinning sexy, summer grooves all night for this June edition of our free monthly party celebrating queer fam & slow jams.

As always but especially during Pride Month, we want share a loving reminder that Slo ‘Mo is a space that welcomes all, and especially centers LBTQ women. trans & non-binary folks. Allies: Please make room for queer family, and consider dipping out of the line for a bit and coming back (it usually ends round 12/1230, FYI!). We are grateful for the Slo ‘Mo love, but with a small capacity its important we prioritize the space for the community, particularly during Pride. ♥

Slo ‘Mo will be selling tickets to Slo ‘Mo Presents: Paradise: A Queer Pride Ball in Bloom, their FLORAL FORMAL 6/23 on site with a special $10 off price only avail at the Whistler.

YACHT is an indie dance-pop band from Portland, Oregon, currently based in Los Angeles, California. Their music can be described as electropop, alternative rock and dance punk. The core group consists of Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, and when touring expands to include Rob “Bobby Birdman” Kieswetter.

Slo ‘Mo is Chicago’s party for lovers. Hosted by Kristen Kaza with grooves by Audio Jack, Slo ‘Mo celebrates the music of Anita Baker, Sade, Frank Ocean, SWV, D’Angelo, Janet Jackson, Prince, Raphael Saadiq,Isley Brothers, Maxwell, Mary J Blige and many others. Slo ‘Mo’s monthly residency at The Whistler takes place on the third Thursdays and welcomes people of all identities, bodies and expressions uniting under the equal opportunistic style of soul music.


  • Winner: Slo ‘Mo — Best Dance Party — Chicago Reader 2015
  • Winner: Slo ‘Mo — Best LGBQ Dance Party — Chicago Reader 2014
  • Winner: Kristen Kaza — Best Party Promoter — Chicago Reader 2014
  • Winner: Slo ‘Mo — Best of Logan Square — Time Out Chicago 2014
  • Winner: Slo ‘Mo — Best Queer Dance Party — Chicago Magazine 2013
  • Winner: Slo ‘Mo — Best Party Beyond Boystown — Time Out Chicago 2013
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