November 20

Relax Attack Jazz Series: Boomerang

9:30 pm

Relax Attack Jazz Series: Boomerang

Every Tuesday at the Relax Attack Jazz Series we present Chicago’s top jazz artists in a lively atmosphere, full of cocktail-shaking and spirited conversation.

  • Tommy Carroll – drums
  • Matt Riggen – trumpet
  • Brock Stuessi – bass

Tommy Carroll is a Chicago-based drummer, producer and composer with an ability to imbue music with emotional depth and improvisational dexterity. An in demand drummer for rappers, songwriters and experimental rock artists alike, Tommy leads his own jazz fusion group that has showcased at venues and galleries across Chicago including the Hideout, Tonic Room, AMFM, Elastic Arts and Café Mustache. His forthcoming album, Calculated Discomfort, sets cosmic jazz to the arc of personal growth and self-realization. His previously released album Not Amazing addresses his experiences as a blind adult.

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