January 30

Relax Attack Jazz Series: Stirrup

9:30 pm

Relax Attack Jazz Series: Stirrup

Stirrup is Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello, tenor guitar), Nick Macri (bass), and Charles Rumback (drums). Formed in Chicago in 2009, the trio is a true collective with all three musicians writing and arranging with an emphasis on a unique, genre-defiant group sound.

Tonight the band celebrates the release of their new single, “Super Seeded”, which you can download below for free.

Onstage, Stirrup have always multiplied the energy of their studio recordings, so it seems fitting that the trio would get around to releasing a live effort. Their second album, A Man Can’t Ride On One, is a recording from their residency at The Whistler. The songs are propelled by Macri and Rumback, who embroider brisk rhythms with endless displacements and sideways accents, and cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm puts his effects pedals through a workout to produce lush, strident sounds that celebrate churning melody. Maybe it sounds cliched, but the way he manipulates pulsating long tones, descending fillips, and brusque asides reminds us of the way Jimi Hendrix sculpted tuneful wonders from raw feedback.

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