October 3

Relax Attack Jazz Series: Jeff Swanson’s Case-fitter

9:30 pm

Relax Attack Jazz Series: Jeff Swanson’s Case-fitter

Every Tuesday we present Chicago’s top jazz artists in a lively atmosphere, full of cocktail-shaking and spirited conversation.

A Case-fitter is a craftsman who assembles the different parts of the watch case to house the movement in its exact dimensions. Guitarist Jeff Swanson’s newest project looks at this concept from a musician’s standpoint and allows a wide range of influences to make it’s way into the repertoire. Accompanied by some of Chicago’s finest open-minded musicians, the group explores improvisations and sound collages while piecing together Swanson’s compositions in real-time. An early preview of the group’s self-titled album, which was recorded live at The Whistler, is available below via Whistler Records.

The core Case-fitter lineup is:

  • Jeff Swanson — guitar, electronics, compositions
  • Lane Beckstrom — electric bass
  • Greg Artry — drums

(photo by Jacob Hand)

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