September 25

Whistler 10 Year — Relax Attack Jazz Series: Jeff Swanson’s Case-fitter

9:30 pm

Whistler 10 Year — Relax Attack Jazz Series: Jeff Swanson’s Case-fitter

This week we celebrate our 10th anniversary! Our cocktail menu will feature a rotating list of our “greatest hits” and we welcome some very special programming to our stage. Tonight we’ll be joined by Whistler alum Luke Andrews, who will be guest bartending from 6pm-7:30pm. Stop in and try his house Martini!

Every Tuesday we present Chicago’s top jazz artists in a lively atmosphere, full of cocktail-shaking and spirited conversation. Tonight we celebrate the release of Case-fitter’s new album, available this week on Whistler Records. This project was recorded over four weeks during a residency at The Whistler. Each week the group added members to its core trio, finishing the month as an octet. Presented here are four versions of the song “Graham’s” as performed by the Case-fitter Trio, Quintet, Sextet and Octet.

A Case-fitter is a craftsman who assembles the different parts of the watch case to house the movement in its exact dimensions. Guitarist Jeff Swanson’s newest project looks at this concept from a musician’s standpoint and allows a wide range of influences to make it’s way into the repertoire. Accompanied by some of Chicago’s finest open-minded musicians, the group explores improvisations and sound collages while piecing together Swanson’s compositions in real-time.

Band photo by Jacob Hand

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