May 16

Relax Attack Jazz Series: Dim Lighting

9:30 pm

Relax Attack Jazz Series: Dim Lighting

Every Tuesday we present Chicago’s top jazz artists in a lively atmosphere, full of cocktail-shaking and spirited conversation.

In the midst of the bone-crushing Chicago winter of 2013, guitarist Andrew Trim and drummer Devin Drobka performed for the very first time as Dim Lighting. Almost four years later, bassist Kurt Schweitz joined the group and they’ve since issued two well-received albums. The group composes melody-driven music that they have been mining from a wide-range of inspirations such as Ornette Coleman, Robert Wyatt, Sonny Sharrock and Jim Jarmusch to name but a few.

  • Andrew Trim — guitar
  • Kurt Schweitz — bass
  • Devin Drobka — drums

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