May 29

Relax Attack Jazz Series: Bowmanville

9 pm

Relax Attack Jazz Series: Bowmanville

Every Monday we present Chicago’s top jazz artists in a lively atmosphere, full of cocktail-shaking and spirited conversation.

Hailing from the North side of Chicago, Bowmanville strives to bring Gypsy Jazz, the form made popular in the 1930’s by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli with the Hot Club of France, to a wider audience. The group draws inspiration from their diverse musical backgrounds, which include Classical, Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, Jazz, and Latin Jazz, to push the boundaries of this beloved art form. The result is a vibrant, bouncing sound that crackles with electric energy and leaves listeners always hungry for more. Formed in the summer of 2015, the group is led by violinist Ethan Adelsman and guitarist Samuel Shepard, with guitarist Ian Walsh and bassist Alex Feldman rounding out the quartet.

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