November 7

Push Beats

9 pm

Push Beats

Push Beats is Chicago’s premier producer/DJ collective. Since 2010, the Push crew has been throwing events and releasing music non-stop, keeping the pulse of the beat scene alive and expanding in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. A superb roster of residents and special guests keep original beats, live PA, hip-hop and experimental electronic music resonating through the speakers.


  • THE F*YOUs (Awdazcate & Therapy) – Record release party of their debut record righteously titled THE F-YOUS.
    • Awdazcate: Shawn Childress, who releases funky hip-hop tracks under the name Awdazcate, has a thing for waffles. It’s in the name of his loose collective (Waffle Gang), and his annual festival, aka Waffle Fest, which celebrates this city’s underground hip-hop scene. Since its debut in 2011 the bash has showcased a multigenerational array of local acts.
    • Therapy: In the true spirit of independence and in the face of the changing music industry Beatmonstas’ unofficial motto became ‘Do It Yourself! No exceptions!’ From production to recording, from graphic design to video production the Beatmonstas is independent hip-hop personified.

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