January 15

Playtest Night With Cards Against Humanity

6:30 pm

Playtest Night With Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is hosting a playtest night at The Whistler. Come hang out and playtest these new work-in-progress games from Chicago designers:

  • Inhuman Conditions – One investigator and one suspect have five minutes to talk to each other and determine whether their partner is human or robot.
  • Zeitgeist – a new new take on party trivia games from the creators of Monikers and Pitch Deck.
  • Crunch – Think Rock, Paper, Scissors with flavor and context. Destroy other players’ giant battle mechs before they can destroy your giant battle mech.
  • Get With The Program – Two teams of robots are programmed with opposing code. One team will be deleted, but first players must figure out which team they’re on.

We’ll also have brand new Cards Against Humanity cards for you to test out. Help us decide what makes it in the game!

No experience necessary, they’ll teach you how to play all the games. 6:30-9:00pm

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