September 16

Parlant Parlant

9:30 pm

Parlant Parlant

Heavyweight grooves from all directions and dimensions. The only rule is rhythm. Parlant Parlant makes exploratory musical selections from the Americas and Africa (mostly), but always tied to the floor, always for the dancer. Cerebral vibrations from the ground up.

With an upcoming single release “Barquito” b/w “Black Roses,” Parlant Parlant is the creation of producers/composers Leopoldo Bello a.k.a Bumbac Joe and Tim McNulty. Bumbac Joe is a veteran DJ and producer, Chicago Reader’s “Best Local Dance Producer 2016” winner, with releases on Sonorama Records (Chicago) and Gozadera Records (NY) among others labels. His work transforms folkloric rhythms into modern beats, bringing marginalized music to the contemporary dance floor. Tim McNulty is a songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist schooled in various styles of Americana, and has been making music in Chicago since 2010. Formerly a guitarist and singer with acoustic outfit The BlackWilloughbys, he is an active sound designer in Chicago area theater, and currently composes with instrumental group Gone Valley.

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