April 11

Max Subar (EP Release), Henry True

9:30 pm

Max Subar (EP Release), Henry True

Alt-Folk singer/songwriter Max Subar is bound to his midwestern roots with songwriting skills that radiate honesty, closeness, and a “pastoral glow and Nick Drake softness” (The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

After acquiring a cassette machine last year, Max began demoing and recording a new group of songs, which by the end of the year became his new EP that we’re celebrating the release of on April 11th: What The Story Says. Recorded primarily in his sunroom, it’s a collection of songs reflecting on the personal narratives we tell ourselves. Supported with instrumentation by bandmates and close friends, the recordings serve as a communal exploration of this concept.

Henry True has been writing and performing songs across the country since 2007, both as a solo artist and with his Chicago band the Blisters. His debut LP, Mass to Gloria Hills, was released in October 2018.

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