June 17

Matt Jencik, Midwife, American Grandma, Mia Joy

9 pm

Matt Jencik, Midwife, American Grandma, Mia Joy

Matt Jencik is a musician based in Chicago. His most recent band, Implodes, released two albums with the label Kranky earlier on this decade and Jencik has been performing and recording since the early nineties in bands such as Hurl, Don Caballero, and more recently Slint, PAPA M and Circuit Des Yeux.

American Grandma is a 3 piece, shadowy post-punk / pop band. Influences include Low, Warpaint, and The Cocteau Twins. Their sound exists somewhere between ambience and unease.

Midwife is Madeline Johnston. Known for her minimal ambient work as Sister Grotto, Midwife finds Johnston and collaborator Tucker Theodore creating powerful anthems of dislocation and loss under the weight of reverb buried power chords and swelling choruses. “Blends waves of distortion with a delicate edge, finessing a kind of strained beauty. Her vocals sound distant and obscured underneath the layers of guitar static and noise. It creates a spectral effect, her presence fading in and out like some kind of memory recorded to tape, creating faint, comforting feelings of nostalgia that fade out as soon as they arrive.” —CLRVYNT

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