October 21

Levinson/Mahlmeister Duo, Dudadius

9 pm

Levinson/Mahlmeister Duo, Dudadius

Jamie Levinson and Donny Mahlmeister shared many a stage and party hangs in the good ‘ole ‘Camp Gay’ loft scene days of the early aughts. Donny jammed fractured pop with A Tundra and The Candyland Riots while Jamie rocked post-punk with The Watchers and Stag Party.  A bunch of years go by; Donny plays in a million bands such as Early Day Miners, Judson Claiborne and Will Phalen, and Jamie tours the world with White Rabbits. Then dad-hood happens for both and the necessity for new methods of solo late-night-sonic-explorations ensue. Enter the modular synth. Jamie and Donny bring together their shared love of 70’s electronic and Kraut-rock into the world of modular synth. But be forewarned, you still may also see a guitar or two on stage if you look hard enough. 

Dudadius is the analog-oriented electronic music project of Media Composer Bryan Rheude. Leaning heavily on modular synthesis and vintage synths, Dudadius straddles the worlds of melodic techno and more ambient and experimental electro. Dudadius has released five albums and curates an active Youtube channel. His performances feature a small modular synth system and no computer, with all the music being generated live and in the spirit of improvisation.

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