July 7

Cruel Buddhist, Hong Kong, Obehko

9 pm

Cruel Buddhist, Hong Kong, Obehko
Cruel Buddhist is a Shanghai-based musician and producer of lo-fi hip-hop, R&B, funk, and vaporwave music. His unique live sets incorporate improvisation and musicianship into his beats set by using a looper, sampler, synthesizer, and guitar.

His work “Attention Deficit Daydreams Vol.1” was recognized and awarded display at Shanghai’s Hima Art Gallery in 2017. In the last year he has collaborated with brands like Beats, Carhart, Converse, Cathay Pacific and Chanel. He has performed at events by Shanghai Fashion Week and Rap of China, opened for acts like MNDSGN and Budamunk, and toured the USA and China to support his new ‘Transpacific Slop’ EP released on Eating Music Label.

“Cruel Buddhist’s sound lands somewhere between (Brian) Eno’s ambient tinkles and the experimental, instrumental trip-hop of Flying Lotus, Quantic, and Bonobo.” —Tim Pritchard, Discovery Magazine

Hong Kong is an instrumental hip-hop group based on free improvisation over classic hip-hop beats and songs, covering classic and revolutionary producers such as Nujabes and J Dilla spanning to current-era genre leaders such as Flying Lotus and jinsang. Consisting of band members Eric Novak, Jeremy Joel-Warren, Zach Bain-Selbo, and Austen Goebel, the quartet finds way to improve the quality of beat music we currently hear in today’s culture, through their mature music sensibilities, ties to the past and the music’s history, and their own style of eclectic, energetic live performances that have been known to captivate audiences.

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