August 31

Gentle Leader XIV, Quicksails

9:30 pm

Gentle Leader XIV, Quicksails

Gentle Leader XIV pulls on synth-heavy, chorus-filled ’80s heart strings without diving too deep into nostalgia. It’s pop without future, love without romance. New Wave and Post Punk damaged vibes filtered through a pop machine that keeps turning out the hits. Why keep the radio on when the song is in your head? Gentle Leader XIV is Maria Jenkins (Hollows), Lisa McDuffie, and Jeffrey Tucholski (Running).

Quicksails is the name of Ben Billington’s densely layered solo electronic music. Influenced by the Kosmische school of krautrock and the organ works of minimalists Terry Riley and J.D. Emmanuel, Billington conjures abstract synth-scapes, hypnotic loops and textured atmospheres punctuated by rhythmic pulses. His background in free jazz and world percussion also lends a hand to create a project that sets itself apart from the vast synthesizer music underground of today.

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