October 28

First Friday, American Cosmonaut (early show)

6 pm

First Friday, American Cosmonaut (early show)

Reunion show! Chicagoist tells the story:

First Friday has been playing together for over four decades. They formed in 1968 as a college rock band, have only released one album (in 1969) and have allegedly recorded a number of follow-ups—one in 1970 (The Lost Tapes), and another in 1997 (The Lost CD)—but they’ve never seen public release.

So why are we even talking about these guys? Is it because their bass player is Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Andy Wallace? Well, that is part of it. But we also love the story about how they reunited.

When the singer celebrated his 40th birthday, his wife surprised him by inviting all of his old bandmates to the party and the group discovered they could still groove, so for the last 25 years First Friday has come back together from all over the country once a year to play a single show on what they have dubbed the “Too Much Fun” tour.

They’ve still got that classic ’60s rock sound going strong—think The Animals or Cream—and tonight’s a rare chance to see them.

If you don’t catch them this weekend, well, you’ll have to wait another year until the next stop on the Too Much Fun Tour.

  • Bob Ewan – guitar, vocals
  • Norm Zeller – guitar
  • Andy Wallace – keyboards, vocals, guitar
  • John Prendergast – bass, saxophone, keyboards
  • Jim Stynes – drums
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