April 19

Drunk Education (formerly Drunk TED Talks)

8 pm

Drunk Education (formerly Drunk TED Talks)

Drunk Education is the world’s premiere source of drunk knowledge. Writers, artists, comedians, and other performers make PowerPoints on subjects they’re passionate about and then they get drunk and deliver their taking points to an audience.

Tonight’s theme is “scamming” and the speakers are:

  • David Anthony (Chicago Ideas)
  • Hassan S. Ali (Clickhole)
  • hellakyra

Past speakers have included Tavi Gevinson, Sadie Dupuis (of Sad13 and Speedy Ortiz), Heben Nigatu (Another Round, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert), Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight), Dan McCoy (The Flophouse, The Daily Show), Amy Rose Spiegel (author of Action), and writers and editors at a ton of places like Jezebel, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, Slate, etc.

Not affiliated with TED Talks.

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