January 3

Courtesy, The Curls, Glyders

9:30 pm

Courtesy, The Curls, Glyders

Courtesy is a duo crafting warped, occasionally austere tunes that sit somewhere between post-punk dirges, electronic bangers and nuanced drifters. On their debut album, Idmatic, Drew Ryan and Kirk Rawlings were geographically separated in Memphis and Chicago, but have recently found themselves a mutual home in the Windy City for their follow-up release, Slow Bruise (Moon Glyph).

“Chicago’s art pop innovators (The Curls) have embarked upon a post-post-modern world of musical dadaism worthy of universal attention. The Curls are curating some of the wildest & most sporadic sounds that are set to decorate the exhibition halls of tomorrow’s modern art museums & centers for the arts.” —Impose Magazine

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