January 22

Computer Love

9 pm

Computer Love
DJs LeSprite and Bill Netherlands (Mr. Automatic, Boring City) team up with DJ Marty Mars to resurrect the Italo Disco night they started together, over a decade ago, at the now-closed Rodan in Wicker Park. For the uninitiated, Italo Disco is a genre of music which emerged from a fusion of late-70s European and American import sounds, from French Euro-Disco to American Hi-NRG Disco. When Disco faced a major backlash in the United States, producers kept putting out records on the continent, albeit with scaled-back production, focusing less on orchestras, and more on the use of ground-breaking synthesizers and drum machines. The music is built around galloping basslines, catchy melodies, vintage drum beats, and vocal hooks that aren’t always easily decoded by the casual listener. Computer Love is a night dedicated to this music, along with contemporary releases which still bear the signature Italo sound, from Electroclash to Synthwave.
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