July 25

CHIRP Night: Good At Bad, Grumble

9 pm

CHIRP Night: Good At Bad, Grumble

CHIRP Night is monthly fundraiser that features live musical performances curated by CHIRP Radio. CHIRP is a non-profit, volunteer-run, music-, arts-, and culture-focused radio station transmitting live 365 days a year at 107.1 FM and Bar proceeds from tonight’s show help support CHIRP.

Good At Bad, conceived and fronted by Chicago native Nika Nemirovsky (guitar and lead vox), is a genre-bending, continent-crossing, soft explosion of indie, soul, and some dirty pop. Nika has written and recorded much of her music in Australia, but is currently cultivating her Chicago ensemble, holding close a focus on the blossoming creativity of this city. The live show is a lush bath in vocal harmonies, seamless groove changes, crescendos followed by a deep quiet, and the occasional saxophone solo.

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