February 12

Cards Against Humanity’s Cold Winter Games Night

6 pm

Cards Against Humanity’s Cold Winter Games Night

Cards Against Humanity is hosting a game night at The Whistler from 6-9pm! Come playtest a brand new “Blade Runner-esque” social deception game from Cory O’Brien and Secret Hitler co-creator Tommy Maranges. Or warm your cold, dead hearts with comedic games like Joking Hazard and Organ Attack!

Joking Hazard is Explosm’s new party game that lets you write your own Cyanide and Happiness comics with friends. Organ Attack is the Awkward Yeti’s “family friendly game of organ harvesting.” What a delight!

We’ll also have brand new Cards Against Humanity from our Chicago Writer’s Room. Come laugh at poop jokes, and take your mind off our hellish political landscape for an hour or two!

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