December 29

BYZMUTi, Green Things

8 pm

BYZMUTi, Green Things

BYZMUTi (bizz-MOO-tee): The mystical plane received by Eleni Sutter — best depicted sonically, and powered by the creative ministry of Parker Grogan, Dan Van Duerm, Karolina Prus and Luc Parcell. Join them in the unveiling of their first ever recorded offering, entitled Τίποτα (TEE-poh-tah). Τίποτα is a fantasia comprised of four long-form epic cinematic tracks that draw influence from classical, r&b, Mediterranean folk traditions, prog, and jazz. Inspired by spirit, science, colors, bubbles, water, trees, dirt, dancing, the sky, and flirty cosmic mysteries.

Singer-songwriter Kelsey Terhorst – aka Green Things – opens.

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