March 17

Bob Nanna (Braid, Hey Mercedes), Andrew Paley

8 pm

Bob Nanna (Braid, Hey Mercedes), Andrew Paley

If you’ve ever been a fan of any emo band ever, you’ve at least heard of Bob Nanna. Co-fronting revered band Braid since 1993, fronting Hey Mercedes during the Vagrant Records rise of the early 2000’s, continuing his prolific output with two solo albums as The City On Film, and now fronting the new and spastic Lifted Bells, he has a hand in representing the past, present, and future of the genre. Bob will be playing songs from all of his projects at today’s show.

In a recent interview, Andrew Paley summed up his songwriting as the pursuit of “open spaces, sharp edges and bright colors.” He was referring to his work with the critically acclaimed post-punk band The Static Age, but with the release of his new solo effort, Sirens, it’s clear that he’s carrying that spirit with him into the next chapter and it promises to be a genre-bending, expansive one.

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