August 22

Baby Teeth

9 pm

Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth / Record Release Show

This is the music to which you fell in love, got married, got divorced, and had your first seven midlife crises. Since 2004, Baby Teeth have been dogged by the question, “Are they serious?” So, to get that out of the way, the answer is: Hell yes. And also… Who’s asking? And also… Who cares? And finally… You can be tragic and funny and melodramatic and funky and buoyant and depressive on the same album, right? Or, is that breaking the rules?

“Integration of FM-era pop, from glam to power pop, bandannaed cock-rock and New Romanticism, shouldn’t come this easy, or sound this good.” —Pitchfork

“It’s filthy, oily lounge glam with nods to the Bee Gees, Queen, and CCR popping up exactly where they shouldn’t, and the boys drive home the whole arch monstrosity with gut-wrenching sincerity.” —Chicago Reader

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