September 22

Ataw Allpa, Caro Arroba

9 pm

Ataw Allpa, Caro Arroba

Ataw Allpa:

After a decade in the US, Argentina and Brazil, Ataw Allpa went home to Ecuador, bringing with him the themes, influences and stories collected during his journeys. Ataw Allpa makes mestizo electronic music. His songs use melodies reminiscent of Latin American peasant tunes. Potent beats inherited from Global Bass, dark and bright vocals sung over synth harmonies, and a diatonic accordion performed live are the elements of a fully danceable live act.

Caro Arroba:

“Currently making music in Chicago, Quito, Ecuador-hailing producer Caro Arroba describes her music as “tech house Andino — exploring the relation between mind, nature and machines” and presents this as exhilarating sound tributes to the indigenous peoples of Ecuador. She samples traditional Pre-Colombian rhythms with the use of Andean instruments like tollosquenachos and ocarinas. She then loops these, randomly or in sequence, into techno and house, in effect creating musical time travel.” —NPR, World Cafe

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