May 30

Apologue Intermission featuring The Hecks & Hanna Ashbrook

7 pm

Apologue Intermission featuring The Hecks & Hanna Ashbrook

The Apologue Intermission is a night dedicated to breaking up the weekly routine to celebrate local art, music, organizations and businesses. Join us for performances by The Hecks and Hanna Ashbrook. Cocktail specials featuring Apologue Liqueurs will be served with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Rebuilding Exchange!

Chicago trio The Hecks have been skulking around Chicago’s DIY scene for some time now honing their unique twin-guitar sound, weaving tense and beautiful sonic passages of dissonance and harmony into weird and infectious pop songs.

Hanna Ashbrook is a songwriter in the purest sense and if you listen close enough, she will whisk you back into memories of passing cars, streetlamps, and that kiss you never quite could forget. Her music is a mixture of folk and indie-pop; at times winsome, often melancholy, and always honest.

Drinks at 7pm. Concert at 9pm.

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