May 12

An Exquisite Crawl

5:30 pm

An Exquisite Crawl

HOMEROOM and MAKE Literary Productions present a three-venue crawl featuring three unique exquisite corpse creations brought to you via collaborations between some of Chicago’s finest writers and musicians.

Through this arts-packed, spring crawl along Milwaukee Ave, attendees will witness the unveiling of three separate exquisite corpse pieces—each created by a group of four writers and musicians. Using the well-known exquisite corpse drawing practice as a model, the participants will pass off a written line or a line of music to the next participant. That individual will then continue the creation, knowing only the single proceeding final line. Each will contain music, spoken word, a combination of the two, and an element of surprise for the participants and audience alike.

Participants include Kyle Beachy, Jim Becker, Deidre Huckabay, Mabel Kwan, A. Martinez, Tricia Park, Jeffrey Sherfey, Mai Sugimoto, Andrew Tham, Michael Zerang, and more!

This event is in partnership with Sector 2337 + The Green Lantern Presss, Galerie F, and The Whistler. With promotional support from Revolution Brewing.

The Crawl runs from 4pm-6pm. The third and final portion of the event will begin at The Whistler at 5:30pm.

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