Whistler Records

Beyond just providing a stage for bands to perform on, we've taken the relationship with them one step further by providing some of our favorite local artists with the means of producing, distributing, and promoting their music. Much like the music on our stage, the Whistler Records catalog features an eclectic mix of everything from rock and pop to jazz and hip-hop.

Notes & Scratches "This Side" (WSLR-003)
In Tall Buildings "Warm Rock" (WSLR-012)
SHAPERS "Virginia Reel" (WSLR-010)
The Hood Internet & Kid Static "Chi City" (WSLR-009)
Various Artists "Glad Cloud Ambient Music Series, Volume 1" (WSLR-019)
Cains & Abels "My LIfe Is Easy" (WSLR-016)
Angela James "Drink and Try Not to Cry" (WSLR-020)
Matt Ulery's Loom "The Queen" (WSLR-005)
Karl Blau "AM" (WSLR-001)
blink. "The Architects" (WSLR-011)
This Is Cinema "Mädchen” (WSLR-014)
Cains & Abels "Stay Home Tonight" (WSLR-017)
Relay Beken "1" (WSLR-015)
Blue Ribbon Glee Club "A Cappella Über Alles" (WSLR-002)
This Is Cinema "Cycles" (WSLR-018)
In Tall Buildings "In Tall Buildings" (WSLR-008)
Various Artists "Year One: The Festival" (WSLR-006)
White Mystery / Black Apple (WSLR-004)